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10.8V Mechanical Pulse Tool Driver EYFLA8A/EYFLA8AR


Voltage 10.8V
Series AccuPulse - HR Series AccuPulse - HR Series with 2-Way Communication
Drive A = 1/4” Hex Quick Change C = 3/8” Sq. C-Ring w/ through Hole P = 3/8” Sq. Pin Detent
Torque Range Nm 6-30Nm
ft. lbs. 4.4-22 ft. lbs.
in. lbs. 53.1-265.52 in. lbs.
Max Torque* (F mode, tightening 3 sec.) 80m M14 Bolt
Flush Detection Modes L1 - L7
No Load Speed (Torque Setting: RPM) 1: 0 – 1300
2: 0 – 1450
3: 0 – 1550
4 – 40 & F: 0 – 2300
PPM (Pulses Per Min) 1: 0-2500
2: 0-2800
3: 0-3000
4-30 & F: 0-3600
Weight 1,15 kg (incl. 2.0 Ah (EYFB32B))
1,35 kg (incl. 3.0 Ah (EYFB30B))
Size (L x W x H) 153mmx59mmx231mm (EYFB32)
153mmx59mmx249mm (EYFB30)
Wireless Communication
with Assembly Qualifier:
LED Work Light: (ON/OFF Switch) X
OK/NOK Light: (Green: OK / Red: NOK) X
Rehit Prevention: (Possible to set per 0.1 sec. between 0-3 sec.) X
Battery Indication Lamp: (3 stage) X
Low Power Disable X
Prevent / Detect Cross Threads & Rehits X
Maintenance Interval Alarm X
Variable Speed On / Off Switch X
Variable Speed On / Off Switch X
Buzzer: On / Off X
Flush Point Detection Delay (Possible to
set between 0-3 sec.. 0.1 sec. per stage)
Socket Extension Mode
(h1:150mm socket, h2: for 250mm socket)
Work Capacity / Fastening Speed* <M8: 23 N·m, Stage: 22>
(EYFB30B) 800pcs/pack 0.8sec/1pcs
(EYFB32B) 540 pcs/pack 0.8 sec/1pcs
Charging Time* (Battery pack EYFB30B, Charger EY0L82B) Usable charge: 35 min., Full charge: 45 min
(Battery Pack EYFB32B, Charger EY0L82B) Usable Charge: 35 min., Full Charge: 40 min


Assembly Qualifier EYFR02B

The Panasonic EYFR02B is a single tool controller for communicating to Panasonic’s wireless assembly tools. The simple design provides the operator a clear visual and audio feedback, informing the operator of a pass or fail fastening strategy. Connecting the I/O to line stops or a PLC enables additional error proofing capabilities; reducing defects, increasing overall productivity and product quality which leads to a money savings.

Battery pack EYFB30B, EYFB32B

  • 10.8V Li-Ion battery pack
  • EYFB30B: High capacity 3.0Ah
  • EYFB32B: Light weight 2.0Ah

Charger EY0L82B

  • Charger EY0L82B for all 10.8 - 28.8V batteries

Remote control EYFA31B

Protector for Battery EYFB30B / EYFB32B

  • EYFA02-H (gray): for EYFB30B
  • EYFA03-H (gray): for EYFB32B

Protector for Tool EYFLA / EYFMA

  • EYFA01-A (blue)
  • EYFA01-Y (yellow)
  • EYFA01-H (gray)
  • EYFA01-G (green)

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