Cordless Flashlight EY3732


Cordless Flashlight

  • 10.8V voltage
  • Hours of use approx. 4h (with EY 9L32 B)
  • Brightness of approx. 540 Lux
  • Light weight 0.33kg*
  • Size 160 x 62 x 73mm
  • Available only as part of twin kit

* Information for using 10.8V Li-ion battery with 1.5Ah

Model / Type EY3732
Voltage 10.8V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC 1.5Ah
Electric light bulb LED
Brightness Approx. 540 Lux
Hours of use Approx. 4h
Size (W x L x B) 160 x 62 x 73mm
Weight (excl. battery) 0.14kg

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