Cordless Hammer Drill & Driver EY7960LS2S


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Cordless Hammer Drill & Driver

  • High-performance 4.2Ah Li-ion battery pack
  • 65min. usable and 85min. full charging
  • Light weight 2.50kg (incl. battery)
  • Powerful percussion mechanism for fast drilling
  • 18-stage clutch plus drill position
  • 13mm high-capacity drill chuck (keyless)
  • Electric speed control
  • Electric brake
  • Reversible
  • Secure front handle
  • LED light
  • Incl. second battery pack
Model / Type EY7960LS2S
Voltage 21.6V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 4.2Ah (Li-ion)
Charging time (usable / full charging) 65 / 85min.
Speed at no load (low / igh) in rpm 100 - 400 / 350 - 1,500
Max. torque (stalling / instant torque) 42 / 63Nm
Percussion mechanism (blows per minute) 7,200 - 27,000
Max. drilling diameter (in wood / in metal / in masonry) 38 / 13 / 13mm
Max. holesaw size 65mm (in wood)
Size (W x L x B) 75 x 232 x 255mm
Weight (incl. battery) 2.50kg
Standard accessories 2 x battery EY9L62B
charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box
Battery capacities
Voltage     21.6 V
Model     EY7960LS2S
Battery     EY9L62B(LS)
Screwing Wood screws in yellow pine* Ø 4.1mm x 25mm 1.700
Wood screws in yellow pine* Ø 4.2mm x 75mm -
Wood screws in yellow pine* Ø 6mm x 80mm -
Wood screws in yellow pine** Ø 8mm x 80mm 570
Self-drilling screws in SPC* Ø 3mm x 13mm t = 1.2mm -
Self-drilling screws in SPC* Ø 4mm x 13mm t = 1.6mm 1.200
No plug screws in mortar Ø 6mm x 45mm 1.200
Drilling Holes in plaster board +
Plywood/wooding core*
Plaster board 12.5mm +
Plywood 12mm Ø 68mm × 24.5mm
Holes in plaster board +
Plaster board 12.5mm +
Plywood 12mm Ø 125mm × 24.5mm
Holes in SPC* Ø 13mm t = 1.6mm -
Holes in SPC/hole saw* Ø 21mm t = 1.6mm 65
Holes in SPC/hole saw** Ø 33mm t = 1.6mm 65
Holes in mortar* Ø 6.5mm x 30mm -
Holes in mortar* Ø 10mm x 30mm 120
Holes in masonry* Ø 5mm × 40mm depth 140
Holes in yellow pine* Ø 18mm x 120mm 150
Holes in yellow pine** Ø 30mm x 40mm 210
Holes in yellow pine** Ø 36mm x 40mm 160
* High mode ** Low mode


High power for heavy drilling - powerful percussion mechanism*

Our highly efficient gear mechanism conducts the power of the motor directly without any power-loss. This enables high power Max 63Nm drilling for heaviest of applications - every job, every day.

* Percussion featured in EY7960 model only

Protection technology

The Tough Tool IP* concept includes features such as sensors which monitor batteries and protect against overheating and ‘over-discharge’. This technology ensures reliable, safe and powerful operation for the user.

1: Switch
Increased sealing helps protect against water and dust.

2: Electronics
The electronic circuits in control panel and battery pack are covered by a urethane layer for added dust and water protection.

3: Battery
The battery cells are designed to avoid intrusion of moisture.



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