Cordless Impact Driver EY7530


Cordless Impact Driver

  • 10.8V voltage
  • Speed at no load 0 – 2,200min-1 (rpm)
  • Max. torque 90Nm
  • Light weight 0.98kg*
  • Size 165 x 180 x 54mm
  • Available only as part of twin kit
  • ESD approved (as per EN 55014-1 and -2)

* Information for using 10.8V Li-ion battery with 1.5Ah

Model / Type EY7530
Voltage 10.8V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (Technology) 1.5Ah (Li-ion)
Charging time (usable / full) 40 / 50min.
Max. torque 90Nm
Speed at no load in rpm 0 - 2.200min-1 (rpm)
Impact in rpm 0 - 2.700min-1 (rpm)
Max. Screw driving
Standard tensil bolt t=10mm
High tensil bolt t=10mm
Size (W x L x B) 165 x 180 x 54mm
Weight (incl. battery) 0.98kg

* X-type (EY7530X) without battery and charger.

Battery capacities
Voltage     10.8V
Model     EY7530
Battery     EY9L32B(LA)
Screwing Wood screws in yellow pine Ø 3.8mm x 25mm 440pcs
Wood screws in yellow pine Ø 4.2mm x 75mm 70pcs
Bolting Standard tensil bolt M8 x 25mm t = 10mm 900pcs

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