Cordless Impact Driver EY75A7LJ2G / EY75A7PN2G / EY75A7X


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Cordless Impact Driver

  • Ultra compact body (117.8mm) for use in narrow spaces
  • Smaller and lighter with new 3.0Ah P Li-ion battery.
  • High power slim battery gives full tool performance
  • New design high power Brushless motor
  • New ‘Self-Drilling Screw mode’
  • New body design with increased impact protection
  • Electronic speed control
  • Electric brake
  • Belt hook
  • LED light
  • Incl. second battery pack
  • ESD approved (as per EN 55014-1 and -2)
Model / Type EY75A7LJ2G EY75A7PN2G EY75A7X
Voltage 18V 18V 18V / 14.4V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 5.0Ah (Li-ion) 3.0Ah (Li-ion) *
Charging time (usable / full) 65 / 80min. 45 / 60min. *
Max. torque low 26Nm
middle 120Nm
high 160Nm
low 26Nm
middle 120Nm
high 160Nm
Speed at no load in rpm low 0 - 950
middle 0 - 1.450
high 0 - 2.500
low 0 - 950
middle 0 - 1.450
high 0 - 2.500
Inpact in rpm low 0 - 1.900
middle 0 - 2.900
high 0 - 3.100
low 0 - 1.900
middle 0 - 2.900
high 0 - 3.100
Max. Screw driving
Standard tensil bolt t=10mm
High tensil bolt t=10mm
M6 - M16
M6 - M12
M6 - M16
M6 - M12
Clutch stages x x *
Size (W x L x B) 66 x 118 x 242mm 66 x 118 x 226mm *
Weight (incl. battery) 1.7kg 1.5kg *
Standard accessories 2 x battery EY9L54B
charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box
2 x battery EY9L53B
charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box
without battery
without charger
without plastic box

* X-type (EY75A7X) without battery and charger

Battery capacities
    18V 18V
    EY75A7LJ2G EY75A7PN2G
    EY9L54B(LJ) EY9L53B(PN)
Wood screws in yellow pine Ø 4.2mm x 75mm 700 420
Self-drilling screws in SPC Ø 4mm x 13mm t = 1.6mm 980 590
Standard tensil bolt M16 x 25mm t = 10mm 1.150 680
Standard tensil bolt M12 x 25mm t = 10mm 2.700 1.600
High tensil bolt M12 x 25mm t = 10mm 360 220


Advanced ergonomics - best handling

The all new shorter brushless motor helped designers to achieve our most compact high power impact driver with optimum centre-balanced ergonomics for more comfortable working…even in narrow spaces.

Ultra compact body for use in restricted spaces


New function “Self Drilling Screw mode” starts at highest speed to cut hole and then transfers to ‘H mode’ (High impact) to powerfully cut initial thread. After that, load is reduced so it automatically switches to slower ‘S mode’ (Soft impact) to limit potential of stripping threads on fastener or material. (Less than φ4×15mm).

Multiple modes for all applications

Hard: Fastening long bit & bolt

Medium: Fastening for furniture

Soft: Fastening for plaster board

Self drilling screw mode

Increased accuracy, smoother fastening

Improved drivetrain design prevents from center run-out and reduces damage to screws even with high speed fastening of long screws.

1: Hammer
With optimal tuning of the compression spring and intelligent motor, the EY75A7 avoids ineffective impacting, reducing damage to the screw as well as noise and vibration.

2: Improved bearing design
New bearing design on the driveshaft greatly reduces ‘center run-out’, improving accuracy and allowing smoother driving. Amplitude of vibration: 1.4mm* with 110mm long screw. *Internal test result

3: Smooth Speed Control
Improvements to the tuning of control electronics in the switch enable smoother operation during light or heavy use.

Robust build for heavy-duty use

Battery capacity in M12 high-tensile bolt: more than 30.000 pcs *1

“Powerful and Compact “New Brushless Motor
Approx. 200%*2 more life cycles, thanks to new brushless motor development. Also, thicker motor shaft (φ5mm) ensures more strength for heavy-duty use.

Durable Switch

Hybrid switch unit uses rigid metal parts in the trigger to greatly strengthen giving 200% more durability *3.

Robust Anvil

Redesign and improvement of anvil materials has increased durability of impact parts giving longer service life and increased overall performance...

*1: Panasonic test result by M12 High-strength bolt (2sec)
*2: Compared with our previous brushless motor
*3: Compared with our previous mechanical switch


Increased housing durability

To increase housing durability, metal plates have been added where the battery locks into the tool. This helps prevent wear and damage caused by abrasion and vibration during heavy use.

Fresh new ‘CARBON’ design

To enhance the internal engineering and technology developments, a fresh new body design and material finish has been developed. With the unique carbon fiber textured finish and new comfort grip, style is added to substance with improved ergonomics too.

Various support design

New grip pattern design to prevent slipping and increase operator comfort

New tapered Bit-holder design for easy bit change

LED Light
Elastomer Bumper
Increased amounts of rubber and resin coating at the bottom of the tool help prevent damage if dropped from elevated areas.

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