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Cordless LED Flashlight EY37C4


Compact and bright: 750 lumens

  • For tight spaces such as lofts and cellars
    For work or maintenance in dark areas
    For loading or unloading a vehicle
  • 3-step switch
    Brightness can be set to 3 levels: High provides ca. 7 hours of continuous use, and Medium and Low provide extended battery life.
  • Provides powerful illumination in an emergency
    (Brightness set to High/18V 5.0Ah battery/no USB charging)
  • Recharges your smartphone
    Can also charge while the light is on. Useful where mains power is not available.
  • Handle for easy transport
    Easy to carry while the battery pack is attached.
  • Hangs on the hook provided
    A hook is provided on the handle for further convenience.
  • Support for many working environments
    Light direction can be rotated to the required position.


Luminous flux Approx. 750 lumens
Illuminance Approx. 1,500 lux (at 40cm)
Modes 3-step brightness switching (High 100%, Medium 50%, Low 10%)
LED Angle Tilt angle up to 180 (7 positions), Rotation angle up to 270 (step-free rotation, not 360)
Hanging handle 360 rotation
USB terminal 2 x Type A USB (DC5V) sockets for total 2A output
Other functions
  • Battery level indicator
  • Battery empty / LED overheat / battery overheat warning functions
Dimensions / weight Total length 162 x total height 70 x depth 99mm (with handle flat to body) / 380g (main unit only)


Period of continuous use (assuming a full charge with no USB recharging)

Battery Pack Product Code High Brightness 100% Medium Brightness 50% Low Brightness 10%
21.6V 4.2Ah EY9L62 Approx. 8 h 20 min. Approx. 17 h Approx. 67 h
18V 5.0Ah EY9L54 Approx. 7 h 20 min. Approx. 15 h Approx. 59 h
4.2Ah EY9L51 Approx. 6 h 40 min. Approx. 13 h Approx. 53 h
3.0Ah EY9L53 Approx. 4 h 20 min. Approx. 8 h 30 min. Approx. 35 h
2.0Ah EY9L52 Approx. 2 h 50 min. Approx. 5 h 30 min. Approx. 23 h


4.2Ah EY9L45 Approx. 5 h Approx. 10 h Approx. 40 h
2.0Ah EY9L47 Approx. 2 h 20 min. Approx. 4 h 30 min. Approx. 19 h


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