Cordless Multi Purpose Cutter EY45A2LJ2G / EY45A2XM / EY45A2XW


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Cordless Multi Purpose Cutter

  • New high-performance 5.0Ah Li-ion battery pack*
  • 65min. usable and 80min. full charging
  • Light weight 2.8kg (incl. battery)*
  • Standard accessory (Blade for metal or wood)
  • For metal, plastic and wood
  • Transparent window for easy to see the cutting edge
  • Electric speed control
  • 3-way dust control system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft grip
  • LED light
  • Second battery pack*
Model / Type EY45A2LJ2G EY45A2XM EY45A2 XW
Voltage 18V 18V / 14.4V 18V / 14.4V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 5.0Ah (Li-ion) * *
Charging time (usable / full) 65 / 80min. * *
Speed at no load in rpm 4.500 * *
Max. cutting depth 46mm * *
Stroke - - -
Blade size (outer diameter) 135mm * *
Size (W x L x B) 160 x 343 x 228mm * *
Weight (incl. battery) 2.75kg * *
Standard accessories 2 x battery EY9L54B
Charger EY0L82B
Blade for metal EY9PM13E
incl. plastic box
without battery
without charger
Blade for metal EY9PM13E
without plastic box
without battery
without charger
Blade for wood EY9PW13C
without plastic box

* XM-type (EY45A2XM) without battery and charger.

Battery capacities
18V 14.4V
EY45A2LJ2G -
EY9L54B(LJ) -
Blade for metal (EY9PM13E) Conduit pipe outer/25.4mm, t=1.2mm
PVC 34mm, t=4.7mm
340 pcs
220 pcs
Blade for metal (EY9PM13F) SPC 450mm, t=1.6mm 25 pcs 18pcs
Blade for wood (EY9PW13C) Squared Log 45x45mm
Squared Log 2x10, 38x235mm
Plywood 900mm t=12mm
Blade for wood (EY9PW13D) Plywood 900mm t=5mm 320pcs 200pcs


High performance with compact dimensions and universal application

EY45A2 Multi Purpose Cutter features a well balanced, lightweight and compact body that gives high performance cutting of multiple materials such as wood, metals and plastic.

Optimum balance for greater control

To give best control and operator comfort, the EY45A2 has class leading ergonomic design. It has almost perfect weight balance horizontally and vertically. The better the balance, the better the control giving the user increased control and reduced fatigue.

Always best option - 3 way dust control system

Adaptable to working environments and restrictions, the EY45A2 offers an innovative 3 way dust control system : Dust extraction outlet, dust collection case or top ejection. This means that no matter what the application, the EY45A2 offers a suitable dust control option.

Easy straight cutting with LED and guide slot

The view for cutting is helped by a bright LED light that is focused on the guide slot in front of the blade. It illuminates automatically when the trigger is pulled to start the saw.

Protect battery from Overheating and Overdischarge

Battery cell sensor detects the overheating and overdischarging (discharge of the battery until voltage falls below a minimum threshold). To protect the battery, it will automatically cut the power to the motor and a warning lamp will flash on the control panel to notify the user.

Efficient work in various applications

With the choice of a wood or metal blade, various application is available.

See the chart

Model Type Blade Size Teeth
EY9PW13C Wood 135mm 24 Standard accessory of EY45A2XW
EY9PW13D Wood 135mm 48 Optional accessary
EY9PM13E Metal 135mm 30 Standard accessory of EY45A2LJ2G / 45A2XM
EY9PM13F Metal 135mm 50 Optional accessory

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