Cordless Rotary Hammer EY7881 X/XT/PC2S/XVT/PC2V


Model options

Model #  Description Rotary hammertool bodyEY7881 28.8V Li-Ionbattery packEY9L84 UniversalchargerEY0L82 Dust collectionsystem (DCS)EY9X400E Chisel adaptorEY9HX402E Systainer caseTOOLBOX4RH
EY7881PC2V  Complete kit with DCS x 1 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1
EY7881PC2V  Complete kit with DCS x 1 x 2 x 1   x 1 x 1
EY7881XVT  Body only with DCS x 1     x 1   x 1
EY7881XT Body only without DCS x 1         x 1
EY7881X Body only x 1          

Tool specification

Voltage  28.8V
Battery capacity Li-Ion3,4 Ah
Charging time  60-minute quick charging (up to approx. 80% capacity) + 30-minute cell-protection trickle charge mode for full charge
Drill chuck  SDS-Plus Single hand load-quick lock type
Speed at no load,
blows and joule
by modeselection
Mode  Indication  Speed/min Blows/in Joule (approx)
High  Three LEDs (H/M/L) lit. 0-840 min-1 0-4,400 3,3
Medium Two LEDs (M/L) lit. 0-680 min-1 0-3,600 2,3
Low Low One LED (L) lit.  0-560 min-1 0-2,950 1,4
and weight
with battery pack and full-extended DCS : 507 x 241 x 92 mm / 4.8 Kg
with battery pack , without DCS : 368 x 237 x 92 mm / 3.9 Kg
Vibration Three-axis composite value : Main grip 9.9m/s2 Side handle 11.4m/s2 (according to EN60745-2-6)

Drilling capacity reference

Material Mode Hole size Number of holes : approx.
Concrete 2.4kN/cm2 High with DCS  ø8mm x100mm 30
High with DCS ø12.5mm x 40mm 120
High with DCS ø12.5mm x 40mm with t=1.6mm metal plate 45
High with DCS ø18mm x70mm 35
High without DCS ø28mm x 155mm 2
Yellow pine High without DCS ø30mm x 120mm 40
Siding panel High without DCS ø160mm x 16mm by core hole saw 55 55

Dust collection system (DCS) specification

Weight 0.9 Kg
Applicable drill bit size Dia. : 5 - 18mm
Overall length : 110 - 170mm (50 - 110mm excluding shank length)
Drilling distanceadjustment Overall stroke : 95mm
Max. distance : 75mm
Drill bit tipalignment Max. distance : 75mm
Suction power 250 L / min.
Dust box capacity
approx. 270ml (equivalent to concrete dust volume of ø10mm x depth 40mm x 30 holes)
Dust filter High efficiency filter for concrete dust
Filter life approx. 100 dust box fills

Replacement consumable accessories

  1. Dust sealing cap WEY7881K3187
  2. Dust Filter box block WEY7881K3037
  3. Dust Filter box block WEY7881L0247


Enhanced power and durability with heavy-duty brushless motor

  • 1.5 times stronger power : 3.3 Joule - faster and smoother drilling (vs previous model EY7880)
  • Double lifetime motor and switch (vs previous model EY7880)
  • Maximum concrete drilling ø28mm (with Dust collection system, max. 18mm)
  • Increased battery energy capacity 98Wh (28.8V x 3.4Ah=approx. 98Wh / reference : conventional 18V x 5Ah=90Wh)

Compact, yet powerful dust collection system (DCS)

  • Advanced suction air flow design - compact yet powerful unit
  • Heavy-duty dust sealing cap - minimize air-gap with various size bit
  • Remaining dust collection run-on timer
  • High efficiency filter for concrete dust
  • Dust box capacity 270 ml for serial use (equivalent to concrete dust of ø10mm x 40mm x 30 holes)

Easy and comfortable drilling management

  • Low vibration : Main grip 9.9m/s2 - less fatigue in serial drilling
  • In-line grip design - Efficient pressure delivery to drill bit

28.8V power in compact and light weight body

  • Easy handling even overhead - 4.8Kg with DCS, 3.9Kg without DCS
  • Advanced integrated design of main body and DCS for total compact design

Additional features

  • Chiselling with adaptor (standard accessory in the complete kit)
  • Siding panel drilling with core hole saw (ø160 x 16mm)
  • Hammering mode selection according to material hardness
  • LED light in main body (not available to use when DCS is fitted)
  • Shoulder strap to allow hands free on ladders etc. (optional accessory / WEY7880L3417)

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