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Cordless Sealing Gun EY3640LS1S / EY3640K


Cordless Sealing Gun

  • High-performance 4.2Ah Li-ion battery pack*
  • 50min. usable and 60min. full charging
  • Light weight 2.65kg (incl. battery)*
  • For 310ml cartridge
  • Electric speed control
  • Fully automatic decompression
  • Incl. one battery pack*

Model / Type EY3640LS1S EY3640K
Voltage 14,4V 14,4V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 4,2Ah (Li-ion) *
Charging time (usable / full) 50 / 60min. *
Pushing pressure 4.410N (450 kgf) *
Size (W x L x B) 140 x 424 x 245mm *
Weight (incl. battery) 2,65kg *
Standard accessories 1 x battery EY9L45B
Ladesystem EY0L82B
inkl. Koffer

without battery
without charger
without plastic box

* X-type (EY3640K) without battery and charger.

Battery capacities
Voltage   14,4 V
Model   EY3640LS1S*
Silicon   380pcs
Acrylic   410pcs
Polyuethane   190pcs
* Temperature 20°C Ø 5mm cutting hole, 310ml catridge
** Temperature 20°C Ø 5mm cutting hole,
Silikon: Sikaflex-M1 320ml catridge,
Acryl: Konishi 330ml catridge,
Polyethelen: Sikaflex-221 320ml catridge


Plumbing, glass installation, fireproofing, sealing applications, automotive glasswork

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