Heavy Duty Impact Wrench EY7552LJ2G / EY7552X


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18V Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

  • Compact body length: 214mm
  • Lightweight 2.6kg
  • High power: max. 470Nm
  • New twin hammer block design
  • Battery capacity indication lamp
  • 5.0Ah Li-ion battery
  • Variable speed control / versatile
  • Electric brake
  • ESD approved (as per EN 55014-1 and -2)
Model / Type EY7552LJ2G EY7552X
Voltage 18V 18V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 5.0Ah (Li-ion) *
Charging time (usable / full) 65 / 80min. *
Max. torque 470Nm *
Speed at no load in rpm 0 – 1.550min-1 (rpm) *
Impact in rpm 0 – 2.400min-1 (rpm) *
Max. Screw driving
Standard tensil bolt t=10mm
High tensil bolt t=10mm
M6 - M24
M6 - M18
Clutch stages  –  –
Size (W x L x B) 77 x 214 x 252mm *
Weight (incl. battery) 2.6kg *
Standard accessories 2 x battery EY9L54B
charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box
without battery
without charger
without plastic box

* X-type (EY7552X) without battery and charger.

Battery capacities
Voltage     18V
Model     EY7552LJ2G
Battery     EY9L54B(LJ)
Screwing Wood screws in yellow pine - -
Wood screws in yellow pine - -
Self-drilling screws in SPC - -
Bolting Standard tensil bolt M16 x 25 mm t = 10 mm 320pcs
Standard tensil bolt M12 x 25 mm t = 10 mm 720pcs
High tensil bolt M20 x 25 mm t = 10 mm
M24 x 25 mm t = 10 mm
M16 x 25 mm t = 10 mm


Tough, lightweight and versatile

New innovation - Twin hammer system 
High output power in compact body: With 470Nm high torque but only 2.6kg. An all new twin hammer block design allows smaller size and lower weight but also gives reduced vibration and noise levels. Combining such features makes the new EY 7552 a desirable, comfortable but very hard working tool.

High power with 470Nm

Twin hammer structure gives compact size and reduced weight with high power! Combination of main inner hammer plus sub outer hammer also helps to reduce vibration.

Rubber protection

A rubber protector is fitted to front housing to prevent damage to surrounding materials. This also helps to protect against
damage to the unit itself where repeated contact with floor or work station causes wear.

Battery capacity indicator

To reduce risk of battery power running out, users can check power level status using the battery capacity level indicator
when preparing to take unit to remote or high level areas with no access to power source.

"C spring" type retainer ring

Thanks to "C spring" type retainer ring, sockets can be fitted easily and can be changed quickly on site for temporary use.

  • Do not use sockets without pin facility option.
  • For strongest, safest socket attachment, use pin and rubber ring retainer.
  • "C spring" retainer is for temporary socket attachment only.

Powerful & less vibration with compact size

EY7552 offers approx. 230% higher power with almost 50% less vibration and most compact in high power class.
(compared with EY 75A2 Impact wrench).

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