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Impact Driver

Cordless Impact Driver EY7530  

  • 10.8V voltage
  • Speed at no load 0 – 2,200min-1 (rpm)
  • Max. torque 90Nm
  • Light weight 0.98kg*
  • Size 165 x 180 x 54mm
  • Available only as part of twin kit

* Information for using 10.8V Li-ion battery with 1.5Ah

Cordless Impact Wrench EY75A2LJ2G / EY75A2PN2G / EY75A2X  

  • New high-performance 5.0Ah Li-ion battery pack* available
  • 65min. usable and 80min. full charging (18V)
  • Light weight 1.65kg (incl. 18V battery)*
  • 1/2" square drive
  • Brushless motor
  • Hybrid switch
  • Electric speed control
  • Electric brake
  • Reversible
  • Belt hook
  • LED light
  • Incl. second battery pack*

Cordless Impact Driver EY75A7LJ2G / EY75A7PN2G / EY75A7X  

  • Ultra compact body (117.8mm) for use in narrow spaces
  • Smaller and lighter with new 3.0Ah P Li-ion battery.
  • High power slim battery gives full tool performance
  • New design high power Brushless motor
  • New ‘Self-Drilling Screw mode’
  • New body design with increased impact protection
  • Electronic speed control
  • Electric brake
  • Belt hook
  • LED light
  • Incl. second battery pack

Multi Impact Drill Driver EY7549LS2S  

  • Multifunction: Drill, Screwdriver, Impact Driver, Impact Wrench
  • Quick change 13mm keyless chuck
  • Quick change 1/4" hex adaptor
  • New high capacity 14.4V 4.2Ah battery packs
  • Clutch: 21 stages + 1 drilling stage
  • Lightweight 1.85kg

Heavy Duty Impact Wrench EY7552LJ2G / EY7552X  

  • Compact body length: 214mm
  • Lightweight 2.6kg
  • High power: max. 470Nm
  • New twin hammer block design
  • Battery capacity indication lamp
  • 5.0Ah Li-ion battery
  • Variable speed control / versatile
  • Electric brake