10.8V Mechanical Pulse Tool Driver EYFLA5A / EYFLA5AR

10.8V Mechanical Pulse Tool Driver EYFLA5A / EYFLA5AR

Cordless Mechanical Pulse Tool
Chuck Size Single-ended 9mm
Double-ended 12mm
Application M6 bolt (Tensile bolt)
M8 bolt (Normal bolt)
Maximum torque (F mode, fastening 3 sec.) approx. 90 N·m (M14 bolt)
Torque control function operating range approx. 6—30 N·m
Torque Setting 30 stage + F (without torque setting mode)
Flush Detection Mode Applications L1: For lighter loads during fastener run down
L2: For prevailing torque during run down and varying joint rate applications
No load speed (unit : rpm) stage1: 0 ~ 1300
stage2: 0 ~ 1450
stage3: 0 ~ 1550
stage4 ~ 30•F: 0 ~ 2300
Impact per minute stage1: 0 ~ 2500
stage2: 0 ~ 2800
stage3: 0 ~ 3000
stage4 ~ 30 F: 0 ~ 3600
(inc. battery)
EYFB30B approx. 1.3kg
EYFB32B approx. 1.15kg
Size Length 158mm
Height 248mm (EYFB30B), 231mm (EYFB32B)
Width approx. 59mm (Width of battery pack: approx. 75mm)
Function Wireless Communication EYFLA5AR only
with assembly qualifier (OK fastening: Green lamp, NOK fastening: Red lamp)
LED Light X
(ON/OFF switch, Light off after five minutes automatically)
Tightening confirmation lamp X
(OK fastening: Green lamp, NOK fastening: Red lamp)
Retightening Prevention Function X
(Possible to set between0 ~ 3sec.. 0.1 sec. per stage)
Battery indication lamp X
(3 stage)
Auto-Power Stop function X
Application Capacity/ Working Speed approx. 800 pcs/pack
approx. 0.8 sec/1pcs (EYFB30B)
approx. 540 pcs/pack
approx. 0.8 sec/1pcs (EYFB32B)
<M8: 23 N·m, Stage: 22>
Charging time Usable charge: approx. 35 min.
Full charge: approx. 45 min (Battery pack EYFB30B, Charger EY0L82B)
Usable Charge: approx. 35 min.
Full Charge: approx. 40 min (Battery Pack EYFB32B, Charger EY0L82B)

*1 Weights are described in 0.05kg increment.
There are models limited to particular region.
Battery pack is not included.

Assembly Qualifier EYFR02B

The Panasonic EYFR02B is a single tool controller for communicating to Panasonic’s wireless assembly tools. The simple design provides the operator a clear visual and audio feedback, informing the operator of a pass or fail fastening strategy. Connecting the I/O to line stops or a PLC enables additional error proofing capabilities; reducing defects, increasing overall productivity and product quality which leads to a money savings.

Battery pack EYFB30B, EYFB32B

  • 10.8V Li-Ion battery pack
  • EYFB30B: High capacity 3.0Ah
  • EYFB32B: Light weight 2.0Ah

Charger EY0L82B

  • Charger EY0L82B for all 10.8 - 28.8V batteries

Remote control EYFA31B

Protector for Battery EYFB30B / EYFB32B

  • EYFA02-H (gray): for EYFB30B
  • EYFA03-H (gray): for EYFB32B

Protector for Tool EYFLA / EYFMA

  • EYFA01-A (blue)
  • EYFA01-Y (yellow)
  • EYFA01-H (gray)
  • EYFA01-G (green)

Product downloads


Description Release date File size Language
Catalogue Assembly Tools 2019-05-29 33.99 MB English
Katalog Montagewerkzeuge 2017-09-29 5.24 MB German

Operating Instructions

Description Release date File size Language
Operating Instructions Assembly Qualifier EYFR02 2012-10-31 4.19 MB Multilanguage
Operating Instructions Cordless Impact Driver/Cordless Impact Wrench EYFLA4A / EYFLA4AR / EYFLA5A / EYFLA5AR / EYFLA5Q / EYFLA5QREYFLA5B / EYFLA6J / EYFLA6JREYFLA6B / EYFMA1J / EYFMA1JR / EYFMA1B 2012-12-31 20.9 MB Multilanguage
Appendix to operating instruction, CE sheet EYFLA5A 2022-02-15 709.55 KB Multilanguage