14.4V Mechanical Right Angle Pulse Wrench EYFME1

14.4V Mechanical Right Angle Pulse Wrench EYFME1

Cordless Right Angle Impact Wrench
Chuck Size 9.5mm Square Drive Retainer ring and Pin-hole type
Application M6 bolt (Tensile bolt), M8 bolt (Normal-Tensile bolt), M10 bolt (Normal bolt)
Maximum torque approx.80 Nm (M12 , F mode, fastening 3sec.)
Shut-off range approx. 10 - 53 Nm
Torque setting 30 stage + F (without torque setting mode)
Flush detection mode setting L1: For lighter loads during fastener run down
L2: For prevailing torque during run down and varying joint rate applications
No load speed (unit : rpm) 0 ~ 2300
Impact per minute 0 ~ 3500
Weight*1 (inc. battery) approx. 1.5kg (EYFB41B), approx. 1.7kg (EYFB42B)
Size Length 381mm (EYFB41B), 399mm (EYFB42B)
Height approx. 96mm (Height of battery pack: approx. 101mm)
Width approx. 60mm (Width of battery pack: approx. 75mm)
Function Torque adjustment x
Cross thread reduction x (The tool rotates approx. 360 degree in reverse before fastening starts. Possible to choose ON/OFF)
Rundown error detecting x (Alert with Red light. Possible to set between 0 ~ 3 sec.. 0.1 sec. per stage)
Maintenance interval alarm function x (Possible to set between 0 - 990,000 times. 10,000 times per stage)
Retightening prevention function x (Possible to set between 0 ~ 0.9sec.. 0.1 sec. per stage)
LED light x (Possible to choose from the 2 LED light modes. by ON/OFF switch or trigger switch interlocked)
Buzzer x (Possible to choose from the 3 buzzer modes, No buzzer, buzzer with OK or buzzer with NOK)
Tightening confirmation lamp x (OK fastening: Green lamp. NOK fastening: Red lamp)
Battery indication lamp x (3 stage)
Auto battery shut down x
Work capacity / Fastening speed <M10: 53 N·m, Stage: 25>
(EYFB41B) approx. 120 pcs/pack, approx. 2.2 sec/1pcs
(EYFB42B) approx. 250 pcs/pack, approx. 2.2 sec/1pcs
Charging time (Battery Pack EYFB41, Charger EY0L82B)
Usable Charge: approx. 35min., Full Charge: approx. 40min
(Battery Pack EYFB42, Charger EY0L82B)
Usable Charge: approx. 50min., Full Charge: approx. 60min

Battery pack EYFB40B, EYFB41B

  • 14.4V Li-Ion battery pack
  • EYFB40B: High capacity 3.3Ah
  • EYFB41B: Light weight 2.0Ah

Charger EY0L82B

  • Charger EY0L82B for all 10.8 - 28.8V batteries

Remote control EYFA31B

Protector for Battery EYFB40B / EYFB41B

  • EYFA04-H (gray) for battery EYFB40B
  • EYFA06-H (gray) for battery EYFB41B

Tool Hanger EYFA1B

The tool can be hanged on the balancer.

Protector for Tool EYFA12

  • EYFA12-A (blue)
  • EYFA12-Y (yellow)
  • EYFA12-H (gray)
  • EYFA12-G (green)