3.6V Screwdriver EY7410LA2S

Cordless Screwdriver

  • 1.5Ah Li-ion battery pack
  • 15min. usable and 30min. full charging
  • Light weight 0.5kg (incl. battery)
  • 1/4" hex drive
  • ‘Auto shut off clutch’ with 21 stages
  • Electronic shut off
  • Clutch lock cover*
  • Lock switch
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • LED light
  • Incl. second battery pack and plastic box*


Model / Type EY7410LA2S EY7410LA1C
Voltage 3.6V 3.6V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 1.5Ah (Li-ion) 1.5Ah (Li-ion)
Charging time (usable / full) 15 / 30min. 15 / 30min.
Speed at no load (low / high) in rpm 200 / 600min-1 (rpm) 200 / 600min-1 (rpm)
Max. torque (stalling / instant torque) 1.5 / 4.4Nm 1.5 / 4.4Nm
Clutch torque Approx. 0.3 – 2.9Nm Approx. 0.3 – 2.9Nm
Clutch stages 21 21
Torque per stage Approx. 0.1Nm Approx. 0.1Nm
Size (Ø x L in stick position x H in crease position) 46 x 276 x 134mm 46 x 276 x 134mm
Weight (incl. battery) 0.5kg 0.5kg
Standard accessories 2 x battery EY9L10B
charger EY0L10B
incl. plastic box
1 x battery EY9L10B
without charger
without plastic box

* Applies to EY7410LA2S.


Battery capacities
Voltage     3.6V
Model     EY7410LA2S
  Wood screws in soft wood Ø 3.1 x 13mm 600pcs
Screws in sheet metal (pre-hole) M5 x 8mm 1.000pcs
Holes in SPC t = 1mm, Ø 2 85pcs