Cordless Blower EY37A1B


Cordless Blower

  • Suitable for 4.2 / 3.3 / 3.1 / 1.5Ah Li-ion battery packs
  • Light weight 1.2kg (excl. battery pack)
  • Max. air speed 70m/s
  • Hours of use with EY 9L45 B (14.4V) approx. 22min.
  • Max. air volume 3m³ / min.
  • Dual voltage
  • Without battery and charger
Model / Type EY37A1B
Voltage 18 / 14.4V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology) 4.2 / 3.3 / 3.1 / 1.5Ah
Hours of use (EY9L51B / EY9L45B) Approx. 15 / 22min.
Max. air speed (EY9L51B / EY9L45B) Approx. 70 / 60m/s
Max. air volume (EY9L51B / EY9L45B) Approx. 3 / 2.6m3/min.
Weight (excl. battery) 1.2kg
Standard accessories without battery
without charger


Typical application

Cleaning and dust removal for a wide range of applications including: masonry drilling, benchtop cleaning, window fitting, heating and ventilation work, etc.

Power with control
It's easy to blow debris such as pieces of wood and concrete. Wind speed is controlled easily with variable speed trigger. Mesh guard reduces debris being drawn into unit.

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