Cordless Drill & Driver EY1DD2

Cordless Drill & Driver

  • Access all areas: providing versatility and precision in one compact tool
  • Short-Body Drill / Driver with attachment options for high versatility
  • Tight-distance
  • Tight-corner (Eccentric attachment)
  • Tight-angle (Right-angle attachment)
  • Straight-shank (Keyless drill chuck attachment)
  • New easy one-touch bit locking system
    Just push bits to install. No need to pullquick chuck sleeve. This sytemis also applicable for attachments.
  • Electronic performance control
    Configure performance to your perfect levels using the wide range of fuctions and settings.
  • Select the perfect settings for a wide range of tasks
    • Drilling: Tough and speedy wood drilling. Fine metal drilling surface finish
    • Driving: optimal clutch torque setting. Shut-off status LED indicator
    • Tapping: Hassle-free rotation switching


Chuck One touch bit lock system [6.35mm (1/4") Hex]
Maximum torque Stalling torque: {18V} Low speed: 30Nm, High speed: 11 Nm
Instant torque: {18V} Low speed: 45Nm {14.4V} Low speed: 40Nm
Speed at no Load {18V} High speed: 70 - 1,800 min-1, Low speed: 20 - 530 min-1
{14.4V} High speed: 70 -1,450 min-1, Low speed: 20 - 430 min-1
Clutch torque {18V} High speed: 3 - 7 Nm, Low speed: 3 - 18 Nm
{14.4V} High speed: 3 - 7 Nm, Low speed: 3 -17 Nm
Dimensions & weight 18V / 5.0Ah {EY9L54}: L 133 x H 253 x D 64 mm / 1.75 kg
18V / 3.0Ah {EY9L53}: L 133 x H 237 x D 64 mm / 1.50 kg
(approx. with
full charge)
  Setting 18V 5.0Ah 18V 3.0Ah
Holesaw SPC (Ø21 x 1.6 mm) HIGH/DRILL/-/F 45 holes 25 holes
Wood / pine (Ø15 x 120 mm) 220 holes 130 holes
Wood / pine (Ø21 x 120 mm) 140 holes 80 holes
Wood core drill (Ø65 x ceramic siding 16 mm + ply 12 mm) 45 holes 30 holes
Coach bolt / pine (Ø6 x 80 mm) LOW/DRIVE/29/ F 210 screws 130 screws
Coach bolt / pine (Ø8 x 80 mm) LOW/DRIVE/40/F 140 screws 80 screws
Tek screw / SPC (Ø6 x 13 mm, thickness 1.6 mm) HIGH/DRIVE/10/F 1150 screws 700 screws


Universal charger (Li-ion 10.8 - 28.8V) EYOL82 X X O O
Battery pack 18V 5.0Ah (LJ type) EY9L54 X x 2 O O O
3.0Ah (PN type) EY9L53 O X x 2 O O
Eccentric attachment EY9HX500 O O O O
Right-angle attachment EY9HX501 O O O O
Keyless drill chuck attachment EY9HX504 X X O O
Support Handle WEY1 DD 1 F7001 O O O O
Tool case TOOLBOX2D0 X X X O

X = Standard accessory
O = Optional accessory