Cordless Drill & Driver EY74A3

Cordless Drill & Driver

  • Drill holes easily with grip torque control!
    Ensuring good progress under heavy load
    Drill vertically into boards
    Drill into metal (High mode)
    Drill into wood (High mode)
  • Rotation and torque are optimised to speed up jobs!
    The drill adjusts automatically between a fast rotation speed for lighter work and higher torque whenever the load increases. This enables appropriate torque and rotation for any task.
  • Storage space for spare bits
    The base of the device includes storage space for 2x 65mm bits (to left and right)
  • Lighter with improved ergonomics
    Innovations such as the new aluminium bodied chuck make the EY74A3 lighter and easier to handle.
  • Tungsten inserts for ultimate grip and long life
    Ultra hard tungsten inserts are brazed into chuck jaws providing increased gripping power and protecting against wear.
  • Better LED illumination for working in dark areas
    LED intensity has been improved  by 150% (compared to EY74A2), giving a clear view of the bit.
  • New metal tapping mode
    For maximum convenience and accuracy, the new 'tapping mode' allows automatic reverse without having to change the toggle.
Chuck Keyless chuck ( Ø 1.5 -  Ø 13mm
Maximum torque Stalling torque: { 18V } Low speed: 32Nm, High speed: 12Nm
Instant torque: { 18V } Low speed: 50Nm { 14.4V } Low speed: 40Nm
Speed at no load  { 18V } Low speed: 20 - 530 rpm, High speed: 70 - 1800 rpm
Clutch torque 0.5-4.4 Nm (0.23 Nm per stage, total 18 stage]
Dimensions & weight 18V / 5.0Ah (EY9L54J : L 189 x H 254 x D 68 mm/ 2.0kg 18V / 3.0Ah (EY9L53] : L 189 x H 238 x D 68 mm/ 1. 75kg
Capacity (approx. with full charge)
  18V 5.0Ah 18V 3.0Ah
Drilling { High Mode } Hole saw SPC (Ø 21 x 1.6mm) 45 25
{ High Mode } Wood / pine (Ø 15 x 120mm) 240 140
{ High Mode } Wood / pine (Ø 21 xl 20mm) 150 90
{ High Mode } Core drill (Ø 65 x ceramic siding 16mm + ply 12mm) 45 30
Screwing { High Mode } Woodscrew / pine (Ø 4.1 x 25mm) 1550 950
{ High Mode } Coach bolt / pine (M6 x 80mm) 300 180


  Model# EY74A3LJ2G EY74A3PN2G EY74A3X
Universal charger (Li-ion10.8 - 28.8V) EYOL82 X X O
Battery pack 18V 5.0Ah (LJ type) EY9L54 X x2 O O
3.0Ah (PN type) EY9L53 O X x2 O
Support Handle WEY6470K3217 O O O

X = Standard accessory
O = Optional accessory