Cordless Impact Driver EY76A1

Cordless Impact Driver

  • Compact, lightweight body combining durability and speed
  • More powerful continuous work!
    Smart BL and the new air flow design combine to give dramatically improved continuous durability under heavy load, such as when driving long screws or drilling into wood using a flute woodboring bit.
  • Convenience and speed!
    The improved torque and motor speed in a more compact, lighter body are fully utilised in the new Smart BL mode. This greatly reduces the time spent driving long screws or drilling into wood with a flute wood boring bit.
  • Easy bit connection
    New longer bit holder socket and tapering collar design make accessory changes quick and simple.
  • New air flow design
    Air flow provides efficient cooling to centre of coils as well as around motor.
  • Makes continuous work quick and easy! Now with Dash mode.
    To help increasing work speed, the EY76A1 features a new 'DASH' mode. It allows the unit to reach full speed instantaneously giving maximum performance, ideal for drilling wood without needing pilot holes or super fast driving without damaging screw heads.
  • New dual LED work light
    With two bright LED's, the EY76A1 work light helps avoid shadowing on your work.
  • Storage space for spare bits
    The base of the device includes storage space for 2x 65mm bits (to left and right)


Chuck One touch bit lock system (6.35mm (1/4") Hex)
Maximum Torque (forward/ reverse] { 18V } High Mode 170Nm, Medium Mode 150 Nm, Low Mode 26Nm, DASH Mode 170 Nm
Speed at no load High Mode: 0 - 2,800 rpm, Medium Mode: 0 - 1,450 rpm, Low Mode: 0 - 950 rpm, Self-Drilling Screw Mode: 0 - 2,800 rpm, DASH Mode: 2,800 rpm
Impact per minute High Mode: 0 - 3, 1 DO ipm, Medium Mode: 0 - 2,500 ipm, Low Mode: 0 - 1,800 ipm, Self-Drilling Screw Mode: 0 - 2,500 ipm, DASH Mode: 3,100 ipm
Dimensions & weight 18V / 5.0Ah (EY9L54): L 127 x H 240 x D 60 mm/ 1. 7kg 18V / 3.0Ah (EY9L53): L 127 x H 224 x D 60 mm/ 1.45kg


Capacity (approx. with full charge)

  18V 5.0Ah 18V 3.0Ah
Screwing Wood Screws in Yellow Pine (Ø 4.2 mm x 75 mm) 740 450
Self-Drilling Screws in SPC (Ø 4 mm x 13 mm t=1.6 mm) High Mode 1,150 690
Medium Mode 610 560
Low Mode 1,250 600
Bolting Standard Tensil Bolt (M16 x 25 mm t=10 mm) 1,150 680
High Tensil Bolt (M12 x 25 mm t=10 mm] 400 160
Drilling Holes in Plaster Board+ PlyWood (DL core) Ø 21 mm (Plaster Board t=12.5 mm, PlyWood t=12.0 mm) 160 100



  Model# EY76A1LJ2G EY76A1PN2G EY76A1X
Universal charger (Li-ion 10.8 - 28.8 V) EYOL82 X X O
Battery pack 18V 5.0Ah (LJ type) EY9L54 X x2 O O
3.0Ah (PN type) EY9L53 O X x2 O

X = Standard accessory
O = Optional accessory