Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EY37A3

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful vacuum cleaner with 18V or 14.4V battery pack
  • Suction Power 45W (with 18V 5.0Ah battery pack)
  • Powerful dust collection, including stubborn plaster dust
  • Easy empty dust box
  • Portable 1.6kg (with 18V 5.0Ah battery pack)
  • Compact and lightweight, with a comfortable grip
Product specifications
Voltage 18V / 14.4V
Suction power 18V High: 45W Low: 12W
14.4V High: 27W Low: 12W
Dust collection capacity 650 ml
Weight - excluding battery pack 890 g
Size (LxHxW) - excluding battery pack 452 mm x 124 mm x 160 mm


Battery pack compatibility / Operation time with full charge
Battery Pack   Model Number High Low
18V 5.0Ah EY9L54 Aprox. 30 min. Aprox. 100 min.
4.2Ah EY9L51 Aprox. 25 min. Aprox. 85 min.
3.0Ah EY9L53 Aprox. 18 min. Aprox. 60 min.
2.0Ah EY9L52 Aprox. 12 min. Aprox. 40 min.
14.4V 4.2Ah EY9L45 Aprox. 38 min. Aprox. 67 min.
2.0Ah EY9L47 Aprox. 18 min. Aprox. 32 min.


Standard accessories
Floor brush WEY3782K7617 Dust filter WEY37A3L0247
Crevice nozzle WEY37A3K7557 Filter grid WEY37A3W3037
Extension pipe WEY37A3K7307 Protection filter WEY3780L0138