Cordless Rotary Hammer EY1HD1

Cordless Rotary Hammer

  • Powerful, fast drilling in a compact, lightweight body with advanced dust control
  • Actual size less than A3 size paper
  • Short and lightweight body that is easy to handle
    Full length size 367mm
    Light weight 3.35kg
  • Single handed drilling with 2.1 Joules power in T-handle body design
  • Powerful dust collection system with independent motor for maximum efficiency


Chuck SDS-Plus Single hand load-quick lock type
Speed at no load High Mode: 0-950 min-1, Low Mode: 0-700 min-1
Blows per minute High Mode: 0-4,200 bpm, Low Mode: 0-3,100 bpm
Dimensions & weight with battery pack and DCS:
18V / 5.0Ah (EY9L54): L 367 x H 278 x D 86 mm / 3.35kg
with battery pack, without DCS:
18V / 5.0Ah (EY9L54): L 242 x H 278 x D 80 mm / 2.4kg
18V / 3.0Ah (EY9L53): L 240 x H 263 x D 80 mm / 2.15kg
Vibration Three-axis composite value: Main gr ip 13.6m/s2, Side handle 16.3m/s2 (according to EN60745-2-6)
Joule (approx.) High Mode: 2.1J, Low Mode: 1.3J
(approx. with
full charge)
  18V 5.0Ah 18V 3.0Ah
Concrete 2.4kN/cm2
Low without DCS (Ø3.5mm x 30mm) 510 holes 310 holes
High with DCS (Ø8.5mm x 30mm) 220 holes 130 holes
High with DCS (Ø10.5mm x 40mm) 150 holes 90 holes
Highwith DCS (Ø12.5mm x 40mm) 110 holes 65 holes
High with DCS (Ø16.5mm x 40mm) 65 holes 40 holes
High without DCS, Deck plate 1.6mm (Ø12.5mm x t=40mm) 40 holes 25 holes
High without DCS, Wood screws in Yellow pine (Ø18mm x 120mm) 160 holes 100 holes
High without DCS, Metal hole saw in SPC (Ø21mm x t=1.6mm) 140 holes 90 holes
High without DCS, Core hole saw in Siding panel + Plywood
(Ø80mm x 16mm + 12mm)
25 holes 16 holes


Dust collection system (DCS) specification

Applicable drill bit size Dia.: Ø5-18mm Overall length: 116-166mm
Drilling distance adjustment Overall stroke: 70mm
Suction power approx. 250L / min.
Dust box capacity approx. 200ml
Dust filter HEPA dust filter
Filter life approx. 100 dust box fills
Dimensions & weight L 294 x H 243 x D 86 mm / 0. 96kg


Accessories for use with EY1HD1 Tool Body

Li-ion Battery universal charger EY0L82
Battery pack 18V 5.0Ah (LJ type) EY9L54
3.0Ah (PN type) EY9L53
Dust collection system (DCS) EY9X403
Dust collection cup EY9X018
Spirit level attachment EY9X401
Dust Filter box block WEY1HD1K3037
HEPA Dust filter WEY1HD1L0247
Tool case TOOLBOX4-IN