Cordless Rotary Hammer EY7881 X/XT/PC2S/XVT/PC2V

Cordless Rotary Hammer

Model options

Model #  Description Rotary hammertool bodyEY7881 28.8V Li-Ionbattery packEY9L84 UniversalchargerEY0L82 Dust collectionsystem (DCS)EY9X400E Chisel adaptorEY9HX402E Systainer caseTOOLBOX4RH
EY7881PC2V  Complete kit with DCS x 1 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1
EY7881PC2V  Complete kit with DCS x 1 x 2 x 1   x 1 x 1
EY7881XVT  Body only with DCS x 1     x 1   x 1
EY7881XT Body only without DCS x 1         x 1
EY7881X Body only x 1          

Tool specification

Voltage  28.8V
Battery capacity Li-Ion3,4 Ah
Charging time  60-minute quick charging (up to approx. 80% capacity) + 30-minute cell-protection trickle charge mode for full charge
Drill chuck  SDS-Plus Single hand load-quick lock type
Speed at no load,
blows and joule
by modeselection
Mode  Indication  Speed/min Blows/in Joule (approx)
High  Three LEDs (H/M/L) lit. 0-840 min-1 0-4,400 3,3
Medium Two LEDs (M/L) lit. 0-680 min-1 0-3,600 2,3
Low Low One LED (L) lit.  0-560 min-1 0-2,950 1,4
and weight
with battery pack and full-extended DCS : 507 x 241 x 92 mm / 4.8 Kg
with battery pack , without DCS : 368 x 237 x 92 mm / 3.9 Kg
Vibration Three-axis composite value : Main grip 9.9m/s2 Side handle 11.4m/s2 (according to EN60745-2-6)

Drilling capacity reference

Material Mode Hole size Number of holes : approx.
Concrete 2.4kN/cm2 High with DCS  ø8mm x100mm 30
High with DCS ø12.5mm x 40mm 120
High with DCS ø12.5mm x 40mm with t=1.6mm metal plate 45
High with DCS ø18mm x70mm 35
High without DCS ø28mm x 155mm 2
Yellow pine High without DCS ø30mm x 120mm 40
Siding panel High without DCS ø160mm x 16mm by core hole saw 55 55

Dust collection system (DCS) specification

Weight 0.9 Kg
Applicable drill bit size Dia. : 5 - 18mm
Overall length : 110 - 170mm (50 - 110mm excluding shank length)
Drilling distanceadjustment Overall stroke : 95mm
Max. distance : 75mm
Drill bit tipalignment Max. distance : 75mm
Suction power 250 L / min.
Dust box capacity
approx. 270ml (equivalent to concrete dust volume of ø10mm x depth 40mm x 30 holes)
Dust filter High efficiency filter for concrete dust
Filter life approx. 100 dust box fills