Multi-Tool EY46A5


High power and ergonomic grip make light work of tricky cuts, even in tight areas.

Combines performance with control for efficient working

  • High power ensures speed is maintained even when load is increased.
    Makes light work of a wide range of jobs, from cutting wood or metal to grinding tile adhesive or removing sealant.
  • Compact design with a slim grip for comfortable handling
    The narrow body and slim grip ensure easy handling and control even when accessing in tight areas.
  • Built-in LED worklight
    The twin LED light feature will ensure you get a good view of your working area no matter how secluded.
  • Speed adjustment dial
    The oscillation rate can be selected
  • Lock-On switch
    Allows you to use both hands for the job or to switch hands as required.

Versatile accessory options mean that OIS or Starlock blades can be fitted.

  • Universal blade fitting
    Mount can accept both OIS and Starlock blade types.
  • Blade can be fitted in a range of directions
    Angle can be set to increments of 30 degrees, to suit the job.
  • Simple blade removal
    Blade is removed simply by removing a single bolt
  • 14.4V / 18V Dual
    Use your existing battery pack





Oscillation speed 6,000-20,000 min-1 (Speed adjustment dial)
Oscillation angle 3 degrees
Other functions
  • Battery low / battery overheat indicator
  • Lock-On function
Dimensions & weight 18V / 5.0Ah: 310 L x 99 H x 72 W / 1.95kg

Accessories and other products

  Model# EY46A5LJ2G EY46A5PN2G EY46A5X
High speed charger (Lithium Ion) EY0L82 X X O
Battery pack 18V 5.0Ah (LJ type) EY9L54 X x2 O O
3.0Ah (PN type) EY9L53 O X x2 O
Blade (wood & metal) Universal 35mm Blade X X X

X: standard accessory
O: available separately

Warning regarding batteries: If the battery is short circuited by ingress of water, corroded by gas, or or conducting matter, or damaged by excessive impact or external force, this may lead to the emission of smoke, fire or damage. Please avoid using the device in such environments.