Cordless Insulated Screwdriver EYED11SA

Cordless Screwdriver with Insulated Feature

  • Cordless convenience with increased safety and durability
  • Compact / Lightweight
    Tool body net weight 220g, net length 146mm
  • Easy and quick fastening
    Rund-down driving, powered with 1Nm
    Finish tightening, manual up to 8Nm
    Convenient single-handed operation in any direction
  • Recharge any time / any place
    Recharge built-in Li-Ion battery with USB Type-CTM cable. Simple and quick charging like smart phones.
  • Double durable housing structure
  • Double-safety insulated bit structure
  • IP56 -Dust and water resistance body


Chuck 6mm Hex for Panasonic insulated bit
Maximum instant torque 1 Nm (Max. screw size: M3)
Shaft lock durability up to 8 Nm (Max. screw size: M6)
Speed at no load 230 min-1
Electric brake Yes
LED light Yes
Battery (built-in) Li-ion DC3.7V 850mAh
Charging terminal *USB Type-C™ (DC 5V)
Charging time 45 minutes with commercial available USB charging adaptor 5V 1A
Dimensions / Weight 146 x 46mm / 220g
Battery capacity
(approx. with full charge)
Small metal screws
(without washer)
M3 x 5 690
M3 x 10 420
M3 x 16 180
Dust/ Water protection IP56

*USB Type-C™ is a trademark of USB lmplementers Forum.

Bit set included

  • PZ1 (75mm) x 1
  • PZ2 (75mm) x 1
  • PH1 (75mm) x 1
  • PH2 (75mm) x 1
  • SL4.0 (0.8/75mm) x 1
  • SL6.0 (1.2/75mm) x 1


  • EYEGH1SA, insulated manual screwdriver grip with PZ1 (75mm) x 1
  • EY9EBS01E, 2 pcs lnsulated-Bit Set, PZ1 (75mm) x 1, PH1 (75mm) x 1
  • EY9EBS02E, 2 pcs lnsulated-Bit Set, PZ2 (75mm) x 1, PH2 (75mm) x 1
  • EY9EBS03E, 2 pcs lnsulated-Bit Set, SL4.0 (0.8/75mml x 1, SL6.0 (1.2/75mm) x 1